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Why Choose LS-Font System?

  • Our LS-Font System is widely used, not just for its character quality and performance, but for its unique development framework that provides product makers with the best in support.
  • Work on embedded devices is directly related to product development. Any time lost communicating back and forth with other companies can greatly affect the development process. Utilizing our abundant experience and know-how, LIM Corporation is the only font vendor in Japan with a fully embedded development framework that allows us to offer lightning fast support.
  • FreeType contains no maintenance support or warranty, which can increase the costs of continuous product development. We do, however, provide support for switching the font engine over to LS-Font System.
  • All font products sold are managed for each customer, including a support system which helps us respond to any sudden changes or requests as well as provide a long-term guarantee. Moreover, each customer can select a sales method (such as licensing) which is most suitable to their needs.
  • Ever since we began with mobile phone makers, LIM Corporation has had a high rate of repeat customers achieved from many years of working closely with our clients and building an unshakable level of trust.
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Range of LS-Font System Products

Our font products are used across a wide variety of products, including:
mobile phones, PHS, PDA, portable dictionaries, digital audio players, OS, various software, printers, digital A/V and home electronics, digital cameras, video, car navigation systems, post office systems, LED display devices, information terminals, advertising displays, medical appliances, industrial devices, electronic paper display devices, and more