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Chinese Font

Official authorized Chinese(Simplified Chinese) bitmap font

On January 1st, 2001, the Chinese government established a new Chinese character code standard: GB18030. Any information-based product that displays Chinese characters must conform to this standard.
This is an iron-clad rule in the Chinese market: you cannot use any bitmap font that is not authorized by the Chinese government. Any product equipped with unauthorized fonts will be subject to mandatory adjustments. If a company ignores this rule, the product may be prohibited from sale in China.
LIM's Chinese bitmap font is fully authorized and used by many clients on PDAs, printers, PC peripheral devices and industrial machinery.
We recommend you try our officially sanctioned Chinese bitmap font for your product.

Character Set

Code Non-kanji Kanji Total
GB2312 776 characters 6,763 characters 7,539 characters
GBK 977 characters 21,003 characters 21,980 characters
GB18030 988 characters 27,533 characters(*1) 28,521 characters
(*1) GB18030 2 bytes CJK kanji:21,003 characters + 4 bytes CJK Kanji: 6,530 characters

For more details, please feel free to email us.
♦We also sell Chinese TrueType fonts. Please contact us for more details.

Chinese sample
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Purchase Procedure

First, we determine language, size, typeface and shipment style.

(1) Confirm Details
Our company arranges and confirms the font specs and contract details
(2) Order Forms
Required documents for a contract are as follows:
  • Contract (four copies in Chinese, four copies in English)
    The contract is completed between client's company and NITS
  • Notification of taxes - required for payment of withholding tax
Items required to prepare the necessary documents are described on the order form
(3) Contract
We prepare the necessary papers from the order form for the contract and as a proxy, begin the required steps
(4)Conclusion of the contract
After the client signs the finished contract, China confirms with a signature, and the contract goes into effect. At this time, the tax notification signed by NITS is returned.
(5) Shipment
[Letter of Authorization]
Delivery time: about three weeks from time of order
Delivery medium: CD
If necessary, delivery of a temporary copy can be made by email
(6) Inspection
If the client finds no issue upon inspection of the font data, delivery is complete.
(7) Payment
The specified amount will be transferred in US$ to a designated bank account after delivery is complete.
(8) Authorized Certificate of License
An authorized certificate confirming the client's right to license the desired font is published by NITS and mailed.
(9) Tax Payment
Varies based on purchaser's country
In Japan, when importing copyright from overseas, withholding tax is imposed based on Article 212 of the Income Tax Law. This procedure may be different in other countries.
For more details, please feel free to email us.