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Privacy Policy

At LIM Corp., Ltd. we recognize it is our duty to protect the personal information of all our customers and employees. Every employee at our company is bound by the following rules regarding the handling of personal information.

1. Limitations of Scope
Collection of personal information is limited to only what is relevant for the task at hand. The purposes and scope must be clear, and no information beyond what is necessary will be requested.
2. Limitation of Usage
Personal information is never used without the expressed consent of the owner.
3. Collection
In the event that any personal information is necessary for legal purposes, the owner will be notified of the purpose and permission will be requested.
4. Data Authenticity
Stored data will be authentic and protected, and only the newest and relevant data will be retained.
5. Safety
A full network of safety and security measures are in place to ensure that stored personal data is never leaked to a third party, lost or stolen.
6. Confidentiality
All employees are made fully aware of the importance of keeping personal data safe, secure and 100% confidential.
7. Personal Confirmation
When personal data is to be stored, the owner has full rights to grant or deny permission as well as correct any erroneous information.
8. Legal Compliance
In addition to the items outlined above, our company fully complies with all local laws regarding the handling of personal information.
9. Usage
In addition compliance with the items outlined above, any personal information collected will be used to improve our service and support of the customer.
10. Our Commitment to Your Privacy
Our company is committed to the continuous improvement of our personal information management system and we are always working to better maintain your privacy.
* Personal information refers to any information by which one may easily identify an individual, such as name or date of birth.