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About LS-Font System

L(LIM) S(Scalable)-Font System is a font rendering system for machines with small-scale displays, such as medical equipment and information terminals.
Our multi-product lineup utilizes our original character generating algorithms optimized for use with CPUs and liquid crystal panels.
LS-Font System has achieved great success and consumer trust and is utilized in 70% of mobile phones domestically.
Furthermore, LS-Font System can be found in a variety of products internationally, and is capable of displaying not only Japanese, Chinese and Korean, European alphabets.
The LS-Font System lineup is comprised of four key products:
Maintains sharp quality for larger fonts on high-spec machines. Layout engine supports Thai and Arabic. Special inclusion DB allows data for Chinese characters to be compressed to 1/10 the size.(*1)
Contains our original compression algorithm optimized for bitmap fonts between 2-3 in size.

*1  Japanese(Kanji) ~140KB,
         Chinese(GB2312) ~190KB, (GB18030) ~560KB, (Big5) ~330KB

For more details, please feel free to email us.

LS-Font Simulator
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About Smart Engine

The Smart Engine exists outside our scalable font engines as a LIM-developed reversible extraction/compression algorithm. This engine is optimized to:
   - Maintain high performance on low-spec CPUs
   - Maintain quality for small font sizes
Results vary based on size and typeface. For more details, please send an email.