1. Products Information

LIM Corporation develops digital typeface for cell phones, car navigation systems and other optical LCD displays. We employ cutting-edge cognitive science and engineering to create the highest standard of font-rendering technology that grants exceptional visibility and clarity.


Our universal design font (Uni-Type®) was completed in collaboration with Chiba University's design engineering department to achieve the ultimate in readability.

Scalable font rendering engines

We aim to lead the international market for font rendering engines and are currently developing a number of engines based on a variety of algorithms. Less than a handful of companies in the world are developing such an engine lineup and even fewer within Japan.

Head Office : Entetsu Hamakita Building
34-2 Kibune Hamakita-ku Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 434-0038, Japan
TEL : +81-53-424-7707     FAX : +81-53-424-7708
E-MAIL : font@lim.co.jp